We have been helping clients — from small communities to large urban centers — plan, design and construct effective and integrated stormwater projects for over 40 years. From watershed modeling to infrastructure design, permitting, water quality enhancement, and beneficial reuse, we serve communities throughout the life cycle of stormwater planning, management, design, construction and operation.

From the beginning, Woodard & Curran has been at the forefront of developing ecologically sound and forward-thinking watershed-based approaches. By analyzing the characteristics of an area, the vulnerabilities of existing systems, the goals and resources of a client, and the opportunities for coordination, we provide in-depth analysis and comprehensive plans for multi-benefit stormwater projects, green stormwater infrastructure, climate-change resiliency, and flood mitigation implementations. We focus on value and longevity, seeking to plan and implement projects that benefit the long-term health of communities’ water resources.icons of storm water services


Stormwater and flood management systems are often built and managed in a piecemeal fashion, which makes them inefficient and costly to maintain. Communities are then vulnerable to infrastructure failures, which threaten public safety and can set in motion enforcement action. Aging infrastructure, coupled with increasing frequency of severe weather events and escalating regulatory requirements, demands comprehensive stormwater expertise. We can help you better understand your system’s performance through comprehensive asset mapping and asset management, prepare funding plans to get projects moving, and are there with you for the lifecycle of your facilities.

At Woodard & Curran we plan, design and construct major stormwater drainage and flood control projects including hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood mapping, complete drainage system master plans, pipeline design, channel repairs, combined sewer and treatment performance, and integrated restoration. Our experts are on the leading edge of regulatory and permitting requirements, helping our clients achieve compliance, avoiding enforcement and enabling communities to pursue funding opportunities.

Woodard & Curran operates and maintains many of the same types of systems that we design, including more than 60 municipal utilities and infrastructure facilities throughout the United States. Our operators provide insights in the design process as we account for operability, as well as future O&M costs, safety of communities, and ease of maintenance. This enables us to deliver safe, reliable, cost-effective, and practical solutions that operate sustainably for our clients over the long haul.


Traditional methods to solving water quality problems are increasingly unaffordable. Many communities have focused considerable time and resources on actions that provide minimal water quality benefit while substantial pollutant discharges go unaddressed. Woodard & Curran is a leader in defining affordable alternative paths to meeting water quality requirements by implementing the most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial projects first. We have significant experience in creating pragmatic solutions to clean water obligations. Whether that is developing integrated plans and permits, designing workable stormwater and floodplain management programs, planning low-impact development, or expanding best management practices, our goal is to help communities protect natural resources and achieve water quality goals while leveraging the human and economic resources of a community.


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