Stormwater runoff is one of the largest sources of water pollution. The public and private sectors need to implement smart, affordable solutions to control and treat stormwater in order to avoid public health problems, community flooding, natural resource losses, and costly regulatory action. We help clients design, implement, and sustain stormwater management programs that manage flooding impacts, improve water quality, and support long-term compliance at a reasonable cost.

Engineering successful stormwater infrastructure projects

Stormwater collection systems are often built and managed in a piecemeal fashion, which makes them inefficient and costly to maintain. Communities are then vulnerable to infrastructure failures, which threatens public safety and can set in motion enforcement action. The frequency of severe weather events and continued escalation of NPDES regulatory requirements is reminding communities that stormwater drainage systems are important community assets that should be managed comprehensively. Woodard & Curran assists communities with risk-based stormwater system master planning that incorporates advanced asset management practices. Our engineers and scientists are committed to teaming with clients and regulators to build practical and sustainable drainage systems that meet regulatory and environmental objectives.

Innovative approaches to addressing clean water requirements

Traditional methods to solving water quality problems are increasingly unaffordable. Many communities have focused considerable time and resources on actions that provide minimal water quality benefit while substantial pollutant discharges go unaddressed. Woodard & Curran is a leader in defining affordable alternative paths to meeting water quality requirements by implementing the most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial projects first. We have significant experience in creating pragmatic solutions to clean water obligations. Whether that is developing integrated plans and permits or designing workable stormwater management programs, to planning low-impact development or expanding best management practices, our goal is to help communities protect natural resources and achieve water quality goals while leveraging the human and economic resources of a community.


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