Sustainability Services

Driving a sustainability culture starts with strategy. Our approach to creating effective sustainability and climate strategies typically includes a two-part process: identification of those issues that are truly material to the organization; and development of a plan to improve and communicate an organization’s performance on those issues.

Our bench of multi-disciplinary professionals offers expertise to develop or expand sustainability programs. Diverse sustainability programs include water conservation, waste reduction, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change risk reduction, product lifecycle analysis, and energy use management. Key motivating factors for these programs are maximizing workplace health and safety while promoting corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and environmental justice.  Sustainable operations and an intentional Environmental, Social, & Governance strategy increase profitability, improve prospects for future performance, and bind both employees and customers to a stronger sense of collective mission.

Woodard & Curran understands sustainability means different things to different organizations. Our approach is customized for each client to address strategic needs from aspiration to optimization. We collaborate with your team to ensure you operate profitably and in ways that do not harm people, the environment, or the availability of natural resources, and manage public perception, reputation, and regulatory and financial risks.

For our own organization,  employees have committed to sustainability as a cornerstone of our mission. Our passion for this collective effort is integrated into all we do, and we are a better company for it. 


Meteorologist, Project Manager
Air Services

National Practice Leader
Water Resources