Technical Delivery Group

The infrastructure we design is essential to the health and success of our clients, from the municipal sector to the range of industries we serve. Our focus on delivering innovative, effective, and affordable solutions to the challenges our clients face extends across our firm. This focus on creative problem solving that serves the needs of our clients is embodied in our Technical Delivery Group, a group of specialty design discipline experts from across the firm.

The TDG comprises staff specialized in electrical, structural, instrumentation, and computer-aided design – expertise critical to delivery of complex multidisciplinary projects. Our project teams leverage this expertise, developed while executing challenging projects across all Woodard & Curran’s markets and practices. This brings to bear the best thinking across the firm, reduces project coordination risk, promotes knowledge sharing and innovation, and provides consistent, efficient, high-quality design processes and standards. 


Woodard & Curran’s electrical engineers have extensive experience designing electrical distribution systems in a variety of facilities in the public and private sectors. Our electrical engineering services get new projects designed right the first time and also help to investigate, isolate, and solve problems that may be present in existing facilities. Integrating our electrical engineering experts into our multidisciplinary project teams provides well-coordinated solutions that are affordable to implement, energy efficient, reliable, and safe to operate. 

  • Electrical Systems Analysis
  • Power Systems
  • Building Systems Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Electrical Safety and Preventative Maintenance programs development


Woodard & Curran’s specialized structural and architectural engineering capabilities allow us to find cost-effective, creative solutions to all types of challenging infrastructure problems. Whether in support of new construction, process improvement, or addressing aging assets, our structural engineers can design buildings, civil structures, and support systems for mechanical equipment to address a broad array of utility needs. Our structural engineering experts work closely with our multidisciplinary project teams to develop the optimum design strategy for each individual project.

  • Structural and architectural design, plans, and specifications for new construction and upgrades to existing structures and facilities
  • Tanks, hydraulic structures, building and foundation design
  • Stairs, platforms, mezzanines, equipment supports, monorails, retaining walls, etc.
  • Existing infrastructure condition assessments, repair planning, and remediation support 
  • Contractor support for sheet piling, cofferdams, and temporary bridge structures.
  • Engineering support during construction


Woodard & Curran’s expert designers realize our engineering team’s innovative concepts in both 2-dimensional and intelligent 3-dimensional working platforms. These designers work collaboratively alongside our engineers for integrated delivery and provide a customized level of detail appropriate for each client or project. These professionals work in the latest versions of CAD software:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD – for coordination and general details
  • Autodesk Civil 3D – for civil engineering modeling workflows
  • Autodesk Revit – for BIM (building information modeling), Structural, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC)
  • Autodesk Inventor – for complex 3D modeling and component design
  • 3D Scanning - using photogrammetry and laser-based technology to capture 3D point clouds of existing conditions  
  • Google Sketchup for 3D project conceptualization and coordination


Woodard & Curran’s instrumentation design engineers specialize in selecting the equipment and instruments required to effectively monitor and control even the most challenging processes. We work hand-in-hand with process engineers to determine the best control methods, measurement technologies, and industrial control system solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients and projects. With the ability to collaborate directly with skilled integrators, we stay current in the fast-changing world of technology and specify the right hardware and software for each application.

  • SCADA system assessments to identify the best measurement, control, hardware, software, networking and telemetry solutions
  • SCADA system and network architecture design, including cybersecurity to protect systems from the ever-changing threat landscape
  • Comprehensive input / output (I/O) lists and control panel design requirements
  • Instrumentation selection for the application and develop ISA-style datasheets for specification and procurement
  • Plans and specifications for both system upgrades and new systems
  • Collaborate with process design engineers to develop effective control narratives 
  • Support resident engineers, integrators and contractors during construction