Webinar: PFActS vs. Pfear

PFAS have been found globally in soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, plants, and human and animal tissues. Although drinking water has most recently been the focus of many regulators, potential exposure to PFAS via other pathways, such as food consumption, may also be significant and need consideration when assessing potential risks relative to the contamination source. Relatively little toxicity data are available for PFAS despite widespread exposure to this class of contaminants, which poses unique challenges to assessing human and ecological risks.

Join Lisa Campe and Lisa McIntosh for this hour-long webinar  a resource for site managers and other stakeholders dealing with a potential or confirmed PFAS exposure. The presentation outlines some basics, misconceptions, and uncertainties regarding PFAS human health risk and exposure sources. We’ll cover risk assessment both as a tool for understanding PFAS issues and for overcoming the unknowns. Lastly, the presenters will discuss strategies and potential pitfalls in communicating these complex issues and associated risks to the public.

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