The COVID-19 pandemic shines a bright light on how our health and safety are interconnected. We have moved aggressively to implement pandemic response plans at all offices, operations sites, and projects to slow the spread of the virus while continuing to deliver on our commitments to our clients. 

Read more about the steps we have taken as a company, and read more about the how our Operations & Management crews are responding. You can also access our resource page for municipalities here.

COVID-19 Response

“For all the years W&C has been working at the Billerica WRRF, we have had amazing experience with your company. Whether it is implementing upgrades and going over all the little details, collaborating with industries in town, or working with the EPA on multiple levels as we deal with the permit, aluminum audit and the industrial pre-treatment audit, you have helped us navigate tough issues successfully.”

Jeff Kalmes, Superintendent, Billerica Water Resource Recovery Facility


We believe that the work we do and how we do it matters deeply. Our purpose—the values that drive us and the issues that shape our thinking—is rooted in our mission and expressed every day in our projects and our people. Below are some core concepts that define who we are and why we do what we do.