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Our People Are Our First Priority

We believe that only companies with a positive culture can deliver good work. So we constantly engage in shaping a safe, supportive, equitable, and inclusive workplace, where work-life balance is a must, and where people at any professional level can grow their careers. Caring about each other: it’s the first (and most fulfilling) step toward caring about our clients.

Our Culture

Every company defines culture a little differently. We like to start simple: by creating a truly enjoyable workplace, where people can experience growth, freedom, recognition, reward, and friendship. We celebrate excellence, always striving to do better and fostering innovation. And we operate with a mission-oriented commitment to the environment.

Committed to career growth

Career growth takes many forms at Woodard & Curran. We set goals with our people, and then provide a diversity of work experience and locations to give them a working knowledge that’s as broad as it is deep. We believe in building leadership at every level of the organization, and provide opportunities for mentorship and continuous learning, a range of career paths, and tuition assistance.

Balance matters

As a business, we take work-life balance seriously. We care about each other, and create an environment where friendships can blossom. Whether we’re hanging out beyond the office, gathering to celebrate accomplishments, or taking a walk at lunch, we believe in sharing our whole selves.


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We’re looking for talented people of all backgrounds to join our team.

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Making a Difference

Woodard & Curran Project Engineer Pooja Chari talks about the inspiration to pursue a career that would help make a difference in the world.


Giving Back to the Community

Woodard & Curran is a company devoted to creating a better world. This isn’t limited to our work on water and environmental issues — we’re committed to bettering our communities, too. So we offer employees eight hours of paid volunteer time, and created a Woodard & Curran Day of Service to engage employees in group volunteer work. From river cleanups to Habitat for Humanity work days, our people give their time and expertise.

The Woodard & Curran Foundation

We’re passionate about safeguarding our natural world for future generations. But we know we can’t do it alone. So we created The Woodard & Curran Foundation to support non-profit organizations that protect our water and environment. We seek out and partner with organizations that share our values and commitment to conservation, and by investing, we encourage environmental stewardship through innovation, education, and strengthening communities.

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During my internship, I was given the opportunity to take ownership of my work and to see its impact, such as seeing an application for an SRF loan I’d worked on get approved. I really enjoyed my time as an intern and was excited to join the company as a full-time engineer upon graduation.

Renee Lanza Project Manager

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Woodard & Curran believes that diverse teams working together in an equitable, inclusive culture provides the right environment for our employees to thrive, our clients to benefit, and our business to prosper over the long run. Our success is tied to a culture that embraces our differences and creates an environment where everyone can bring their whole, authentic selves to work. When our people are supported to reach their full potential, we provide our clients with the most innovative, sound, and cost-effective solutions.

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There is nothing more rewarding than working for a firm that makes the world around us a better place. From improving our water resources to cleaning up contaminated sites, Woodard & Curran has been part of some of the most impactful and innovative projects around the country.

Jennifer Andrews Vice President Marketing

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