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Dynamic Resource Planning

Our clients face a unique set of ever evolving needs and constraints when it comes to managing their water resources. We take a dynamic planning approach that adapts to our clients needs and evolves with changing demands and resources. By focusing on flexible planning pathways, we allow for new ideas, strategies, technologies, and funding to inform the decision-making process. Our team fosters collaboration and integration by working across internal and external silos to identify multi-beneficial solutions with real paths toward implementation.

Innovative, accessible data management

Effective data and information management is essential to understand our water resources. As a leader in the development of powerful, innovative, transparent, and accessible web-based tools to collect, manage, analyze, and communicate water resources data and information, we help client stakeholders interact with and share relevant data and information. Our involvement in programs such as California’s Integrated Regional Water Management and Sustainable Groundwater Management has connected us with hundreds of local and state agencies, which in turn helps us create tailored data and information management strategies and tools, including our Opti Suite of solutions.

Forecasting to improve sustainability

With rapid changes, we can no longer rely solely on historical supply and demand trends. Our experts have a deep bench of methods and tools to accommodate for uncertainty as we seek to forecast, mitigate, and adapt to future conditions. We bake future sustainability of water resources into all aspects of our practice, from developing hydrologic scenarios impacted by climate change and assessing infrastructure resilience to creating operational and policy strategies, supply projects, and demand management programs. By applying sophisticated and flexible approaches, we work with our clients to address sea level rise, changes in precipitation patterns, wildfires, and other factors to enhance resource portfolios and planning.

Finding the surface and groundwater nexus

While groundwater and surface water systems interact in complex ways, it leads to opportunities to access water supplies, improve water quality, and increase storage. Our team of innovative integrated ground and surface water modeling experts work closely with our engineers and resource planners to create an integrated understanding of the natural, engineered, and societal systems available to deliver actionable insights and support groundwater basin management. This allows us to support water managers by enhancing the benefit of creative and possible solutions found in  the relationship between surface and groundwater interfaces.

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Woodard & Curran worked on a regional demand study for the Tri-Valley, involving engagement with multiple stakeholders, collection and analysis of an enormous amount of data, and development of a complex demand forecasting model. I was very impressed with the team’s professionalism, efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness, and the final products.

Amparo Flores Manager of Integrated Planning Zone 7 Water Agency


Persephene St. Charles ENV SP Practice Leader Water Resources
Christy Kennedy PE Business Development Leader Municipal West

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