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Comprehensive Solutions for Addressing Emerging Contaminants

Woodard & Curran’s multidisciplinary Emerging Contaminants Practice provides insight, advocacy, and remedies to public and private clients affected by emerging contaminants. The clients we serve span diverse market sectors, including municipal water and wastewater, industrial and chemical manufacturing, aviation, food and beverage suppliers, property sellers or buyers, and waste management, among others. We partner with them through every step of the process in this pipeline from source assessment and treatment solutions to public relations, risk communication, and education.

Our experts embody the technical depth and breadth of experience to help you navigate the myriad issues surrounding PFAS and other emerging contaminants. We also focus on innovator relationships and early adoption of emerging technologies to ensure we can deliver cost-effective and endgame-oriented solutions for clients and stakeholders.

Risk Assessment

We have assisted industry, public agencies, lawyers, and even other consultants with their human health and ecological risk assessment needs on projects throughout the United States. Our clients benefit from a diverse and seasoned group of experts with significant practical experience in assessing, characterizing, and communicating risk for a variety of land use settings and ecological habitats.

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Innovation With Purpose


PFAS in Surface Soil Study

We advanced the science of PFAS by conducting a self-funded study of background concentrations of PFAS in surface soils. We collected and tested 100 shallow soil samples from undeveloped areas across Massachusetts. The resulting data better informs the background occurrence of PFAS in soil, helping stakeholders identify and address direct sources of PFAS contamination.

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PFAS in Rainwater Study

To advance our understanding of the processes contributing to background levels of PFAS, Woodard & Curran employees across Massachusetts collected rainwater samples and coordinated laboratory testing for PFAS concentrations. The results illuminate the processes of uptake and partitioning of PFAS into the atmosphere and subsequent return to the earth as rainfall.

The Disrupting PFAS Podcast

Join Jeffrey Hale, PG, as he interviews the researchers behind groundbreaking PFAS technologies.

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Dan Bryant PhD, PG Practice Leader Emerging Contaminants

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