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The Woodard & Curran Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting the work of organizations that protect water and the environment. Formally established in 2010, the Foundation has awarded over $1 million in grants to a wide range of environmental, educational, and direct aid organizations. Relying on the time and talents of Woodard & Curran employees, colleagues, partners, and clients, it is a primary conduit to advance a strategy of strong corporate social responsibility. Aligned around a common set of values, the company and foundation work to advance complementary goals and create a lasting legacy of change.

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The Woodard & Curran Foundation engages the passion of the Woodard & Curran community to support nonprofit organizations that protect our water and environment.

From the Woodard & Curran Foundation's Mission Statement

Projects Supported by Foundation Grants

Grantmaking Approach

The Foundation is committed to giving away as much money as possible each year, rather than growing its endowment. This allows it to make an annual three-year, hundred thousand dollar Impact Grant as well as a number of ten thousand dollar “giving while living” grants. Giving While Living grantees are nominated and selected by the Foundation’s donors and the grants are funded entirely by donations from Woodard & Curran employees. Organizations interested in applying for an Impact Grant can find more information on the Foundation’s Impact Grant page.

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