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Developing Integrated Stormwater Programs

We help clients – from small towns to large cities – plan, design, construct, and operate effective and integrated stormwater projects. We have the technical expertise to conduct comprehensive watershed modeling as the basis for informed design that enhances water quality or provides beneficial reuse opportunities. This forward-thinking watershed-based approach results in ecologically sound stormwater projects that protect our communities.

Sustainable stormwater infrastructure

Stormwater and flood management systems built in piecemeal fashion are inefficient and costly to maintain, resulting in infrastructure failure, public safety concerns, and regulatory action. As we see more frequent severe weather events and escalating regulatory requirements, communities with aging infrastructure are seeking comprehensive solutions. Our stormwater experts analyze existing systems, topographical characteristics, and vulnerabilities to create muti-beneficial stormwater projects including such elements as green infrastructure, climate change resiliency, and flood mitigation.

With the latest technology in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood mapping, and asset management, we thoughtfully work with clients to develop major stormwater drainage and flood control projects and identify funding resources to move projects forward. Our broad knowledge of local, state, and federal regulatory and permitting requirements enables our clients to maintain compliance and avoid enforcement.

Woodard & Curran operates and maintains systems like those we design. We tap our operators’ insight to inform our design process. By accounting for operability, we can deliver safe, reliable, cost-effective, practical, and sustainable solutions.

Pragmatic approaches to clean water requirements

As traditional methods to address water quality become more costly, communities are focusing on options that provide minimal benefit. Woodard & Curran is a leader in affordable alternative approaches that meet or exceed water quality requirements by focusing on cost-effective, environmentally beneficial projects first. We have more than 40 years of experience in providing the most pragmatic solutions to clean water obligations. Whether we develop integrated plans and permits, design workable stormwater and floodplain management programs, plan low-impact development, or expand best management practice, our first and foremost goal is to protect natural resources and preserve water quality with the staff and financial resources our clients have available.

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Woodard & Curran has been a great partner to Valley Water and their innovative design provides needed flood protection, as well as creates beneficial habitats and minimizes impacts to residents and businesses.

Collette Frawley Project Manager Valley Water | San Jose, CA


David White PE, CFM National Practice Leader Stormwater & Flood Resiliency
Millicent Cowley-Crawford PE, CFM Senior Technical Leader Stormwater & Flood Resiliency
Zach Henderson Senior Technical Leader Stormwater & Flood Resiliency
Joseph Kirby PE, CFM Senior Technical Leader Stormwater & Flood Resiliency

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