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Rethinking the Water Cycle

Wastewater planning and technical solutions most often focus on how to clean and dispose of sanitary and industrial flows without any consideration of reclamation and reuse. At Woodard & Curran, we take a more resourceful approach. We perform robust financial, engineering, and environmental analyses to determine if our clients will benefit from a water reuse solution and achieve a valuable return on their investment. Our accomplishments demonstrate that we have the talent on hand to help communities and industrial clients achieve their reuse goals.

Designing, building, and operating water reclamation and reuse projects requires not only an understanding of the multifaceted technical requirements for delivering reclaimed potable or non-potable water but also an in-depth comprehension of regional water rights, water availability, permitting, and economic drivers. These variables can substantially change an approach to a project. For example, there are various regulatory obligations across the country—or often a lack of water reuse policy or guidelines in a state—that require specialized attention. In addition, design conditions may differ from real-world operations. It takes an experienced team to get projects off the ground, fine-tune processes, and meet complex challenges.

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Woodard & Curran crafted an approach that allowed the project to be permitted, despite the fact that no real precedent existed for this kind of project. We are now delivering recycled water to our land owners, thanks to the creativity, organization, collaborative spirit, and hard work of Woodard & Curran and the entire project team.

Anthea G. Hansen General Manager Del Puerto Water District


Carrie Del Boccio PE Practice Leader Water Reuse

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