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Communities, manufacturers, and environmental restoration efforts rely on safe, effective treatment facilities. We operate more than 50 public and private systems, delivering consistent performance and continuous improvement.

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Woodard & Curran is a valuable partner to the Public Water Supply District #2 in O’Fallon, Missouri, with their unlimited resources and technical support. I am certain that their computerized maintenance program is saving us money and protecting our capital assets. Their safety program is also protecting our liability. We are thrilled that we hired Woodard & Curran.

John Cook Board President Public Water Supply District #2, Missouri

Improving performance and providing cost certainty

Over time, treatment system infrastructure deteriorates and regulatory requirements change, leaving operators with a gap that can be very hard to bridge. Our approach to contract operations begins with a full assessment of the existing system to identify and prioritize improvements. We then create a plan to update standard procedures, implement short-term fixes and upgrades, and plan for the future, all while providing our clients with a predictable budget and taking responsibility for living within our means.

Staffing problems solved

One of the major challenges in the water and wastewater professions is finding and keeping qualified staff. Operations professionals are aging, the technology skills needed are changing, and not enough young people are entering the profession. When we take on contract operations of a facility we implement our comprehensive safety program, help existing staff earn certification, provide clear career paths, and support them with a culture that rewards continuous improvement. We also draw on the experience of hundreds of certified operators across the country, backed by the knowledge and skills of hundreds more engineers, scientists, and regulatory experts, to quickly tackle the most challenging operational issues and keep treatment plants running efficiently and in full compliance.

Annual Operations Impact

10.8 bn

Gallons of water distributed

13.8 bn

Gallons of wastewater recycled

34.6 bn

Gallons of wastewater reclaimed


Brian Bzdawka President Operations & Management
Jay Sheehan PE Business Development Leader Operations & Management
Brendan McLaughlin PE Business Development Leader Industrial & Commercial

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