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Infrastructure that Supports Community Goals

A Multi-benefit Approach

We partner with our clients to identify creative, multi-beneficial projects to improve resiliency, foster growth, and support a community’s vision.

Building thriving, resilient communities

Cities and towns rely on visible and hidden infrastructure. When clients need to improve or replace these critical assets, our multi-disciplinary team leverages the opportunity to promote balanced economic development, expand recreational opportunities, and improve resiliency. We work with our clients to plan for growth and use risk-based investment prioritization to design projects that support clean, healthy, vibrant communities. We strive to identify opportunities that create equitable spaces and align with our own social and environmental goals.

To help clients strike a balance between the needs of residents, stakeholders, and policy makers, we maintain open communication to find common ground and create a shared vision. Our team expertly manages scope, schedule, and budget while integrating sustainable features that improve environmental performance.

Approaching development with an equitable lens

Public- and private-led development projects have historically created or exacerbated inequities within communities across the United States. Heightened public awareness in recent years has led to greater scrutiny of projects and their impacts on marginalized communities. State and local governments are increasingly requiring project owners to incorporate environmental justice considerations during the project permitting process. Our experts recognize the need to apply an equity lens so that the projects we deliver create a safe, equitable environment for all community members.

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Memorial Field Stadium Redevelopment

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Daniel Windsor AICP, PP, LEED AP Practice Leader Community Development

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