Stephanie Hubli Selected for 2024 California Water Leaders Program

Woodard & Curran is excited to announce that Stephanie Hubli, PE, Project Engineer, has been selected by the Water Education Foundation (WEF) to participate in the 2024 California Water Leaders Program. Stephanie will join a cohort of approximately 20 mid-career professionals, all of whom are rising stars with interests in leading and shaping California’s water industry. The program is designed to deepen water knowledge, enhance leadership skills, and prepare participants to take an active, cooperative approach to decision-making surrounding water resources issues. Woodard & Curran has a strong tradition of supporting the California Water Leaders Program as several of its employees participated in past cohorts.

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I am so humbled and honored to join this Program’s 2024 cohort. I’m looking forward to touring the Bay-Delta and Lower Colorado River, which are two sources that supply a significant portion of California’s water. The tours will be an amazing opportunity to ‘get my feet wet,’ while seeing and learning about water resources and water infrastructure in action. I’m also looking forward to being able to apply my experience and enthusiasm for the water industry to something bigger than my role here at Woodard & Curran.

Stephanie Hubli, PE Project Engineer Water

Established in 1997, the Program has matriculated approximately 400 graduates, some of whom have gone on to work within groups developing California’s water-related policies. Stephanie will be paired with a mentor who is a policymaker or from a leading interest group. During the year in which they are participating in the program, Water Leaders are asked to:

  • Attend a one-day class orientation;
  • Attend two WEF water tours, including the Bay-Delta Tour;
  • Attend WEF’s Water 101 Workshop and annual Water Summit;
  • Spend a day shadowing a mentor who is a major water leader;
  • Interview the mentor about the class’s selected topic;
  • Attend four workgroup meetings to develop policy recommendations, craft a written report, and create a presentation; and
  • Present the class’s policy recommendation to WEF’s Board of Directors.

As a licensed professional engineer with six years of experience, Stephanie brings a unique and holistic one water perspective that bridges the gap between engineering and planning. She specializes in hydraulic modeling and master planning and water resources planning, assisting Woodard & Curran’s clients with drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and recycled water projects. Stephanie is also passionate about developing the next generation of the water workforce through outreach to young professionals and students within the industry. At Woodard & Curran, she’s a people leader and mentor for early-career staff. She also serves in leadership roles on the Young Professionals Committees for both the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and it’s California-Nevada (CA-NV) Section.

“The California Water Leaders Program is an unparalleled opportunity to elevate my career in water by expanding my network, leadership skills, and knowledge of the people and policies that drive California water decisions,” says Stephanie “As a graduate of the program, I see my future self as a more competent engineer and planner, a more intentional leader and decision-maker, and a more informed mentor and community member. I envision collaborating with fellow Water Leaders in the future to address complex, regional water issues that require multidisciplinary approaches and strong relationships.”

The Water Leaders Program will provide Stephanie with the tools, expertise, and connections to understand California’s water resources on a larger scale and better serve her existing and future clients. The program will also help her gain a deeper understanding of both the rationale behind policy decisions and their impacts on communities she lives and works in. Stephanie adds, “Water-related decisions require so much more planning and thought in a water-stressed regions like California; through this Program, I will learn to evolve my mindset to one that accomplishes my client’s goals through development and implementation of larger programs, rather than one-off projects.”

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