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June 2, 2024

Battelle Chlorinated Conference

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The 2024 Battelle Chlorinated Conference is the premier gathering of environmental professionals researching and applying innovative technologies and approaches for characterization, monitoring, cleanup, and management of complex sites contaminated with the most challenging classes of chemicals. This year’s conference features 477 platform presentations, 650 poster presentations, and eight technical panel discussions.



Dan Bryant, Sam Olney, Matt Jones, Cathy Rockwell & Duff Collins


Cloudy with a Chance of PFAS: Influence of Precipitation Formation Mechanisms and Demographics on PFAS

Matt Jones & Katie Elich


Climate Risk Assessment for Portfolio Management

Stacey Hellekson & Meghan Little


Integrating Nature-Based Solutions into Long-Term Monitoring Methodologies at Reclamation Sites: A Pilot Study

Lucas Hellerich & Nick Hastings


Optimization of a Combined Active and Passive In Situ Stabilization Approach for High Concentration Metals in Groundwater

Trevor King & Lucas Hellerich


From the Laboratory to the Field: Treatability Testing and Lessons Learned

Jill Tribley, Greg Booth & Doug Spicuzza


Phased Pre-Design Investigation Approach in Support of CSM Refinement and Effective Injection Design

Cathy Rockwell, Dan Bryant, Lisa McIntosh, Sam Olney, Lisa Campe & Duff Collins


New England Regional Evaluation of Background PFAS Levels in Shallow Soils

Tori Ward, Sercan Ceyhan, Sam Olney, Dan Bryant & Jason House


Application of Principal Component and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis to Delineate Hydrogeochemical Units at Fractured Rock Sites

Greg Booth, Michael Van Der Heijden, Evan Trumpatori


Evaluating Anthropogenic Cd Sources in Surface Soils Using Cd, Zn, Pb Concentrations and Stable Isotope Data

Katie Elich


SURF Guide to Sustainable Resilient Remediation Tools

Patraic Stoy & Emily Evans


Silver Bow Creek Conservation Area: Combining History, Remediation, and Sustainability in Butte, Montana

Evan Trumpatori & Katie Elich


Enhanced Data Visualization and Analysis Approach at Former Industrial Site with Collocated Contamination

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