A promise to our people

Our mission, created by our founders Frank Woodard and Al Curran, begins with a promise to our people.

 Woodard & Curran has built a national presence providing opportunities for our employees to do challenging work and thrive while working together to make a difference in the world. Hiring exceptional people, supporting them with the best resources and mentoring, and doing meaningful work; that’s what makes Woodard & Curran an employer of choice.

Our overall goal is simple: attract and retain a diverse and engaged workforce, demonstrating a better retention rate than the industry average of 9 percent by 2020. In 2017, we set a 7 percent turnover rate goal. We adjusted this to 8 percent in 2018 to account for the increasing talent management challenge in the industry.

Since the development of our 2016-17 framework and report, we’ve seen an improvement in our voluntary turnover rate, an increase in the percent of employee stockholders, and a decrease in our performance review completion rate – partially due to the timing of reporting this key indicator (from April to March). We’re continuing to focus our efforts to retain and engage our employees by providing learning and growth opportunities, aligning performance and rewards, clarifying expectations, offering a comprehensive total rewards package, and expanding internal ownership. 

In 2019, we took on a number of initiatives including hearing from 78 percent of our employees about their employee experience through our biennial survey, communicating our total rewards strategy, conducting a pay equity study, watching our employees take advantage of our new parental leave and volunteer time off benefits, and expanding our recruiting network to be more inclusive.  We also adjusted our 2020 ownership goal; expanding the percent of internal owners from 33.3 to 35 percent.

Access our full 2016-17 report here to see more information about our actions, plans and awards. The data below captures an updated, 2019 snapshot.


  • Voluntary
    turnover rate

  • Performance review completion rate

  • Employee ownership percentage


A culture of safety

 Woodard & Curran holds the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients, and the public in highest regard. We are committed to providing a workplace that reflects this value. Built on a philosophy that safety is a core value rather than a priority, Woodard & Curran’s safety culture begins at the highest level and strives to engage and empower our employees to work and advocate for their safety and the safety of those around them.

In our 2019 employee engagement survey, 96 percent of employees agreed that health and safety (H&S) is valued at Woodard & Curran. This continues to be demonstrated in our Days Away, Restricted, and Transfer (DART) and incident rates and our hours of H&S training. We have adjusted our 2020 goal to reflect expectations (i.e., looking for a 50 percent reduction in TRIR from each previous year).1-2

 Our total recordable incident rate (TRIR) for our Consulting and Corporate Services teams improved from our 2018 rate and is 35 percent below the industry average. Our Operations & Management (O&M) business TRIR improved from the 2018 rate and continues to be more than 50 percent below the industry average (64 percent below in 2019), an improvement from the 2.15 rate in 2017 and 2.1 in 2018.  Our DART rate remained zero for our Consulting & Corporate Services teams, whereas we did have one incident in our O&M business, resulting in a 0.3 DART rate – still 91 percent below the industry average. In 2019, we separated Woodard & Curran Constructors hours worked and incidents recorded - that business reported a zero TRIR and DART rate.3

With an increased head count and continued focus on health and safety training, we have significantly increased our total hours of training since 2016 from 5,314 to 9,607. In 2019, we also added an additional position to our H&S team to provide more on-site support to our O&M teams. We further increased engagement with our employees with ‘bringing safety home’ and ‘why I work safe’ campaigns.  

Access our full 2016-17 report here to see more information about our actions, plans and awards. The data below captures an updated, 2019, snapshot of our O&M, consulting and construction businesses.


  • Operations & Management

  • Consulting &  Corporate Services

  • Woodard & Curran Constructors


DART Rates

  • Operations & Management

  • Consulting & Corporate Services

  • Woodard & Curran Constructors


Hours of Health & Safety training

  • Operations & Management

  • Consulting, Construction & Corporate Services


Diversity is the foundation of creativity & innovation

We view diversity and inclusion as core values in every aspect of our work. We are committed to both living those values and promoting diversity as a critical business strategy. We do so understanding that by many measures our industry and our workforce are not as diverse as they could be. To change this, we are embracing diversity and inclusivity in our hiring, our culture, and the way we deliver our work. Our employee-driven action teams, alongside our Diversity & Inclusion Chair and Advisory Committee, have developed business plans for improving the diversity and inclusivity of our talent pipeline, project teams, and office environments, including metrics that will track and measure progress.

Since 2017, we witnessed some small changes in our employee demographics. Most notably, an increased female and ‘under 35’ population and a decrease in our non-white employee and Board of Directors populations. As with many organizations, we see the proportion of women decrease in higher organizational levels. However, that trend shifts in our most senior employee organization level and our Board of Directors, of which women represent 29 percent and 33 percent, respectively. We continue to monitor our key demographics while undertaking initiatives at our company to assess and improve upon inclusion. Some 2019 initiatives included: 

  • Launching an #inclusivity campaign to promote stories of inclusion and opportunity in the company;
  • Conducting a pay equity and merit analysis to confirm our compensation, promotions, and merit increases are aligned with performance and other relevant factors;
  • Rolling out unconscious bias and diversity trainings and increasing the resources our employees have on hand;
  • Expanding our recruiting network to increase the diversity of our candidate pool; and  
  • Including D&I updates in our ongoing management meetings.
Access our full 2016-17 report here to see more information about our actions and plans. The data below captures an updated, 2019, snapshot of our employee and Board of Directors demographics.

Employee demographics


  • Female

  • Male



  • Under 35

  • 36 to 54

  • Over 55



  • White

  • Non-White

  • Undefined


Board of Directors demographics


  • Male

  • Female



  • White

  • Non-White



1 The industry average TRIR is 5 for O&M, based on the 2018 average of private and municipal water sewerage industries (NAICS 221300). The industry average DART is 3.2 for O&M, based on the 2018 average of private and municipal water sewerage industries (NAICS 221300). The industry average TRIR is 0.6 for consulting and corporate business areas, based on the 2018 engineering services industry (NAICS Code 541300). 

2 TRIR is the number of recordable incidents per 200,000 hours worked. The DART rate is based on the number of hours, per 200,000 requiring "days away, restrictions and transfers."

3 Our Woodard & Curran Constructors business delivers design-build projects as the prime design-build entity, in a joint venture with a trusted design-build partner, or as a design subconsultant to a trusted design-build contractor.

2020 Goals

  • Voluntary turnover rate of 8%
  • 100% participation in the annual review process
  • Expand internal ownership to 35% of all employees
  • 50% reduction in TRIR compared to previous year
  • Improve employee engagement scores on awareness and engagement of our benefits and wellness programs