Dan Bryant, PhD, PG

Director of Practices
Environmental Remediation

Dan provides strategic technical advice for our largest and most complex remediation projects nationwide. An expert in in-situ remediation, he has focused his career on the development, application, and refinement of advanced, in-situ chemical and biological groundwater and soil remediation technologies, hydrology, and geochemistry. As Director of Practices for Woodard & Curran’s Environmental Remediation Services group, Dan leads our core technical expert team to develop the strategic vision for our environmental remediation practices, and ensures Woodard & Curran remains at the cutting edge of technological innovation and market needs. Dan strives to ensure we continue to provide our clients with integrated, cutting-edge solutions that are creative, sustainable, and cost-effective. 

“I’ve always enjoyed the challenges we face in site characterization and remediation—understanding each site’s unique characteristics and using that knowledge to implement the most effective remedial solution is a slightly different process for each project, which keeps you on your toes in a good way. Getting to work alongside some of the best and the brightest is hugely rewarding too. It’s always satisfying to bring together people with expertise in a wide range of areas and unite their skills and experience to achieve our goal of transforming contaminated sites back to fully productive and valuable properties.”