Whose PFAS is This?! Forensic Tools to Distinguish PFAS Sources and Liabilities

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are widely distributed in the environment and considered toxic at very low concentrations, and as a result have attracted considerable regulatory, public, and political scrutiny. Once PFAS are detected at a site, the questions often most challenging to answer are, what is the source and who is responsible? In this webinar, Director of Technical Practices Dr. Dan Bryant outlines the phased strategy Woodard & Curran’s experts have developed to address these questions and the tools available to determine where the PFAS come from and where liability may lie.

Join Dr. Dan Bryant for this hour-long webinar that provides environmental project managers, the regulated community, and attorneys with a greater understanding of how to successfully navigate the logistical and regulatory challenges of investigating and analyzing this ubiquitous contaminant.

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Director of Practices
Environmental Remediation