Optimizing Operations at a Large-Scale Superfund Site

Woodard & Curran took over operations at this legacy site with the goals of optimizing operations for cost savings and hardening against severe weather. The result was six-figure savings and continued operations even in the face of hurricane conditions.


Woodard & Curran assessed existing plant and site operations using our multi-point plant evaluation process. We found operational savings in staffing, chemical and power use, and residuals management. We implemented a new central control monitoring system to maximize operational efficiency. We examined and interpreted data on the existing pumping system to help analyze surface water impacts on groundwater to optimize groundwater extraction rates and achieve groundwater capture with less electrical power. All together, we were able to help the client realize 10% reductions in annual operating costs.


The site had been impacted by floods in the past, compromising operations. Woodard & Curran’s holistic site management approach identified dozens of site improvements—most of which were not capital intensive—to harden the site against future disruption. We were subsequently able to maintain operations even through hurricane conditions.


Initial review of operations found several potentially serious health and safety conditions. We applied our standard health and safety program, implementing dozens of procedural changes and engineering controls. The results: several years of operation with no lost time incidents. The site passed a first-time internal health and safety audit by the client. Our client even chooses to participate in the health and safety training we give our own personnel on site because of the quality of the training and the record of safety we produce.

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