A Culture of Safety

Woodard & Curran holds in highest regard the health and safety of its employees, contractors, clients, and the public, and we are committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace. Our commitment is based on our vision:

To create a working environment that places the highest value on the welfare of the individual.

Our goal is to eliminate foreseeable hazards in order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. We pledge to place the safety and well-being of our employees first and to embody honesty and integrity in the pursuit of our vision.  

To instill a sense of personal commitment to safety.

Our commitment to safety requires working in partnership with one another and our clients. While leadership’s role is critical, everyone must be connected to and have personal value for creating a safe and healthy work environment. We seek employee participation while integrating our client’s requirements and expectations.  

Built on a philosophy that safety is a core value rather than a priority, Woodard & Curran’s safety culture begins at the highest level and strives to engage and empower all of our employees to work and advocate for their safety and the safety of those around them.

Award-Winning Programs

Our people and projects have received numerous awards for safety programs and practices, including the Safety Leadership Award, Corporate Safety Award, Fleet Safety Award, and Outstanding Lost Time Prevention Award from the United Safety Council; The Operator Safety Award from the New England Water Environment Association; Safety Awards from the Florida Water Pollution Control Operators Association; the Safety Survey Award from the Missouri Water Environment Association; and the Burke Safety Award from the New England Water Environment Association.