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ArcGIS online jumpstart program

ArcGIS Online is a powerful platform for optimizing spatial data through web maps and workflow specific applications for internal or public use. ESRI’s ArcGIS Online environment offers secure access with permissions for individual users to view, edit, or add data. We provide certified GIS professional assistance for:

  • Initial setup and configuration of an ArcGIS Online environment;
  • Prioritizing web maps and applications;
  • Instructions on setup, configuration, and use of web maps and applications; and
  • Ongoing training for those who will manage the ArcGIS service.

Regardless of the situation, our team can help configure and implement ArcGIS Online solutions to empower organizations to maximize the benefits of GIS data.

Customized solutions for operational efficiency

With four decades working alongside infrastructure managers, we understand the needs of local public works departments, utilities, universities, and private industrial manufacturing facilities. Our GIS team’s goal is to develop integrated solutions for asset management customized to our client’s needs from analysis through planning, development, and hosting.

By digitizing historic data on paper maps and files and developing new datasets, local knowledge is now at your fingertips. Web-based solutions offer quick access, ease of control, and data redundancy so maps, drawings, and asset information are never lost. Comprehensive cybersecurity measures are incorporated to ensure the system’s integrity is not compromised. Once the GIS is fully developed, mobile data collection applications, such as ESRI Collector and Survey 123, and GPS solutions allow for accurate updates to be made in the field for real-time data management.

Beyond asset management

Implementing mobile solutions with a robust GIS provides the opportunity for more accurate and efficient field data collection. This information is used by multidisciplinary engineers and scientists to develop models and analyze information for project teams. While often field data collection can be completed by survey teams on the ground, some scenarios call for a more safe and efficient approach, such as our GIS team’s drone service. Drone technology can access terrain or infrastructure that otherwise may be too vast or pose safety concerns.

We have numerous FAA certified small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) and drone pilots who are adept in surveying sites. Our drones capture and produce high resolution orthoimages, elevation contours, three-dimensional models, land use analysis, volume measurements, planimetric maps, and vertical or horizontal visual measurements.

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