Woodard & Curran Announces New Leaders of National Wastewater Practice and Water Innovation

Woodard & Curran is pleased to announce that Sue Guswa has been named the firm’s first Water Innovation Leader and Tony Elberti has been named Wastewater Practice Leader. In a newly created role, Guswa will work to help the firm’s project teams integrate and deploy new and emerging technologies. Elberti takes over leadership of the Wastewater Practice from Guswa and will focus on enhancing the capabilities and market presence of the Practice across the firm’s national footprint.

Guswa has 30 years of experience in applied water technology and proven experience in delivering innovation for clients. She served as Woodard & Curran’s Wastewater Practice Leader from 2018 to 2024, overseeing a period of significant geographic and revenue growth.

Sue Guswa headshot in dark jacket

“Sue’s experience speaks for itself,” said Jeff Stearns, Director of Technical Practices for the Water Business Unit. “In her new role, she will focus on ensuring what we are delivering to clients is both cutting-edge and positions Woodard & Curran for competitive advantage. Sue will initially focus on supporting key projects and initiatives within our Water Business in collaboration with Practice Leaders and Senior Technical Leaders. Her new responsibilities will also play a vital role in helping us achieve our strategic priorities, sharpening our focus on innovation through collaboration across the company and with external partners.”

Elberti brings nearly 25 years of industry experience to his new role. For the past two years, he has served as Woodard & Curran’s Senior Delivery Leader for the Water business. He will apply knowledge of the industry and his passion for 3D design and delivery to support practice growth, and his ability to work across market sectors and teams and to collaborate with our Operations & Management teams make him uniquely well suited to lead the firm’s Wastewater Practice.

Tony Elberti headshot in dark jacket and blue tie

“Tony is the ideal fit for Wastewater Practice Leader,” said Stearns. “He has spent the past two years collaborating with Sue, and will continue that partnership, bringing creative ideas to serve clients across the country. And his work as Senior Delivery Leader means that he understands how to run projects and teams efficiently, supporting and empowering our experts as they deliver unique solutions to client’s challenges.”

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