Urban Revitalization

As towns and cities grow and change they undergo a process of renewal and reinvention. Smart, collaborative infill redevelopment that integrates the needs of current and future residents with the interests of the municipality as a whole and the goals of the project owner create healthy and economically strong communities. For decades, we have helped clients plan, design, and build beautiful, functional projects that improve the prosperity of their neighborhoods while overcoming permitting, environmental, utility integration, and construction challenges.


A thoughtful approach to engaging the right stakeholders, from neighborhood residents to municipal departments and regulators, can make the difference between a smooth project and one plagued by conflict. Because we understand the needs of cities and towns, and the goals of our developer clients, we can quickly find common ground. And our experience with redevelopment in dense and historic neighborhoods has given us a keen awareness of stakeholder concerns, make it clear that we hear their concerns, and plan projects that meet their needs as well.


New trends in land use restrictions and building codes, changing permitting requirements, concerns over climate impacts, and the rapidly evolving regulation of stormwater are making low impact development the new normal. We use our knowledge of municipal infrastructure to help design sites that minimize runoff through creative best management practices that reduce long-term maintenance costs and speed up the approvals process. 

Similarly, the range of green building design standards is expanding, and the advantages of following LEED, Passivhaus, or another standard can be significant. These programs can result in reduced long-term operational costs and maintenance, improved productivity and quality of life for those working or living in the building, and better overall building performance. We understand both the principles these programs are based on and the details of the standards themselves and collaborate closely with design partners to achieve the performance and certification our clients’ need.


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