Protecting, Using, and Reclaiming Water Resources

Access to clean water defines a community’s and a society’s way of life, and water quality influences every aspect of our economy. How to use, treat, and reuse water is one of the most important questions a community or organization must consider—and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Helping public utilities strike a difficult balance

The organizations responsible for providing drinking water and reclaiming wastewater balance a host of competing demands. Strict regulatory requirements, economic factors restricting budgets, political considerations, customers’ needs, and the protection of the environment are all central concerns. That is why our approach to addressing our clients’ water challenges is based on a holistic view of their finances, water resources, management practices, and customers. We combine financial savvy, knowledge of best management practices, experience with advanced technology, and an operator’s perspective to find an affordable, effective solution to our clients’ needs.

Water can be a competitive advantage

Resource constraints represent a major risk in many industries, with water supply one of the most precarious. Persistent drought, political conflict over water sources, and usage caps imposed by government can all threaten production and the bottom line. Whether managing water supply vulnerability, finding high-quality water sources, improving efficiency, or building advanced reuse systems, our goal is to help clients make water into a competitive advantage.

The challenge of stormwater management

Contaminated stormwater is a growing environmental problem, and stormwater concerns are becoming increasingly pressing for regulators and are an area of growing costs for municipalities and land developers. Communities are wrestling with how to prevent pollution in their waters and how to fund the significant new infrastructure that often requires. Developers are looking for ways to integrate effective long-term stormwater controls to get projects approved and keep long-term costs down. We help clients find creative approaches to funding, designing, and maintaining stormwater management programs and infrastructure. And we understand how integrated planning approaches can save money and eliminate duplicated effort. 


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