Location is everything when it comes to any kind of development project, and in many places, the most desirable land is impacted by contamination. This means that many projects are reclaiming underutilized, historically impacted land. When managing past environmental impacts, we understand the importance of reducing risk and avoiding surprises to get projects built within budget and occupied on schedule.

Managing EPA-funded Brownfield cleanup projects

We appreciate that fulfilling U.S. EPA and other regulatory and funding requirements sits above all other project related work when working on a Brownfields redevelopment project. We focus on creating strong relationships with state and federal regulators, and our partners at these agencies appreciate the technical expertise and commitment to quality work that each Woodard & Curran project team member possesses. 

Community support is essential for Brownfields redevelopment projects’ success, which is why we prioritize clear communication, along with community outreach and public involvement. Our staff are experts at presenting complex technical information in terms anyone can understand and focus on enabling honest and transparent conversations during outreach sessions.

Integrating environmental and development engineering

Our integrated approach to remediating and redeveloping distressed properties offers a distinct advantage when redeveloping environmentally impacted and ecologically sensitive sites. From simple soil excavation and capping to groundwater treatment, Woodard & Curran engineers have designed, managed, and monitored numerous brownfield redevelopment projects. We understand the importance of integrating site remediation and redevelopment activities to meet project scheduling and cost goals, and our experience allows us to tailor remedial solutions to the specific redevelopment project at hand.


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