“To develop and perpetuate a safe enjoyable, gratifying, and fulfilling place to work with the important objectives of growth, freedom, challenge, recognition, and reward.”

That is the opening line of our Mission Statement, and it reflects Woodard & Curran's culture—putting our employees first.  We strive to create a place where employees are respected and given every opportunity to grow personally and professionally. We focus on connecting people with mentors, providing opportunities for continuous learning, providing great service to our clients and the environment, and always looking to improve our services and the company as a whole.

In order to reward employees, and help them grow, Woodard & Curran provides many opportunities—in the diversity of the work we do and the markets we serve, in our geographical locations, and in our development of leaders at all levels of the organization. Our commitment to career development includes tuition assistance, technical and project management career paths, and mentoring to assist employees with their career aspirations.

Not only are our employees committed to working hard, but they know how to play hard and have lots of fun, too! From fishing to biking to skiing to our annual crawfish boil, our employees genuinely enjoy spending time together. We are proud of our unique culture, and do all we can to keep it strong and thriving!

“I was able to make a major career shift here. Often one has to change companies to pursue a new field, but I was able to successfully redirect my career in the same office and firm, thanks to a supportive environment and a service base that provides opportunities in my new technical area.”

Janet Robinson, Technical Manager

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