Operation of Anaerobic Digesters

Operation of Anaerobic Digesters

Paul Dombrowski presents as part of a series on operations fundamentals using process simulators.

This webinar will present the fundamentals of anaerobic digester process performance and control including organic loading rates, temperature impacts, volatile acid and alkalinity formation, volatile solids reduction in context to typical regulatory requirements. The webinar will also illustrate impacts on recycle streams exiting the digesters system and will include example simulations to illustrate the lecture content.

This series of webinars and workshops is targeted for water resource recovery facilities (WRRF) staff and will cover the fundamental concepts of operating biological and chemical water resource recovery systems to achieve various treatment objectives. Two primary focus areas for the training are nutrient removal and sludge digestion processes.


August 04, 2020
02:00 PM - 03:30 PM

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