The Heat is On: Factoring Climate Change into Project Work

Polar bears stranded on melting icebergs. Crops failing. Severe coastal flooding. Cracked, scorched earth. This is what most Americans imagine when they think of climate change. At Woodard & Curran, we are monitoring the varied regional effects of a changing climate and considering how to help our clients integrate resiliency into their work.

If you missed the hour-long live webinar with Katie Cole, Project Water Resources Planner, and Andree Johnson, Project Manager, access the recording to learn how climate change is impacting our water supply, quality, and demand in the face of increasing impacts like wildfires and continued sea level rise. They discuss how we are helping clients increase resiliency by integrating climate change into work they are already doing. Through project examples, they also show how incorporating climate change into project work can be a targeted effort that results in a tailored roadmap for resiliency with long term benefits. Plus, they address how factoring in climate change can open up valuable funding resources for critical work.


Persephene St. Charles ENV SP Practice Leader Water Resources
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