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Woodard & Curran Named Esri Cornerstone Partner

As a member of the Esri Silver Partner Network, Woodard & Curran was honored to receive the Cornerstone Partner Award... View Article

Town Brook: Rerouting an Urban Waterway to Revitalize a Historic Downtown

If asked to imagine a brook, it is likely you would picture a stream of water flowing over rocks somewhere... View Article

Should You Explore Co-digestion at Your Facility?

In an effort to reduce food waste and enhance resource recovery, states and cities across the country are enacting legislation... View Article

What’s up with Water? Why Water Infrastructure Needs Our Support

Let’s be honest. No child ever sits around dreaming about the day they grow up and become a wastewater engineer.... View Article

Regulatory Update: EPA’s Changes to Risk Management Program

Most of us remember the fatal explosion at a fertilizer facility in West, Texas a few years ago, including the... View Article

How to Resolve the Gray Hair Operator Syndrome

Across the country, our water and wastewater utilities are aging. The EPA estimates that we need to invest more than... View Article

Are We Organized to Deliver the Public Works Utility of the Future?

With great work over the last 40 years addressing industrial and municipal wastewater discharges, stormwater runoff is now the greatest... View Article

Smart Meters Help Water Utilities Save Money and Improve Customer Service

Imagine a scenario where a homeowner’s heating system is leaking water. If the problem goes unnoticed in the basement, the homeowner is on the hook for thousands of gallons of wasted water. Now imagine the water utility has the ability to detect that the water has been running at this home for twenty-four hours. The […] The post Smart Meters for Water Utilities: Greater Accuracy Yields Savings and Benefits appeared first on Woodard & Curran.

12 Key Steps to Planning a Severe Weather Response at Treatment Facilities

Before, during, and after a natural disaster strikes, facilities should have a plan in place to execute a comprehensive and flexible response to protect staff and critical assets. The need for such a plan may be increasing. The recently published National Climate Assessment noted that the growing consensus in the scientific community points to an […] The post 12 Key Steps to Planning a Severe Weather Response at Treatment Facilities appeared first on Woodard & Curran.

The Top Two Takeaways from the ACEC Environment & Energy Committee Winter Meeting

Each year when members of the ACEC Environment & Energy Committee get together for the annual winter meeting, the agenda... View Article

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