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A Look at Water Equity through the California Water Leaders Program

According to the US Water Alliance, “water equity promotes the provision of reliable, safe, and accessible water services for all.”... View Article

Testing for Lead in 3,500+ Drinking Water Fountains

In five weeks, Woodard & Curran tested more than 3,500 drinking water fountains for lead in NYC Parks outdoor and indoor facilities.

Bob Amaral

Risk Assessment

Taking a One Water Approach to Our Work

Woodard & Curran Welcomes New Emerging Contaminants Practice Leader

Woodard & Curran is pleased to announce the addition of Jeffrey Hale, PG, as Practice Leader of our innovative and... View Article

Fueling the Fire: Forecasting Climate Change Impacts on Source Water Quality

For most Americans, climate change evokes images of polar bears stranded on melting icebergs or dying corn stalks surrounded by... View Article

One Year Later: Our Response and Lessons from COVID-19

On Friday, March 13, 2020, then-CEO Doug McKeown addressed the company via email, announcing that all office employees would shift... View Article

SGMA and CV-SALTS Impact Industrial and Commercial Entities in California’s Central Valley

Industrial and commercial entities in California’s Central Valley should prepare for impacts to facility operations and discharge permits resulting from... View Article

Leveraging Remote Technology to Improve Site Access and Data Collection

The technologies we use to optimize site data collection, design, and safety in our day-to-day work have taken on additional... View Article

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