Brent Bridges, PE

Senior Client Manager
Government & Institutional

Brent has decades of experience with civil and environmental engineering design and permitting projects. He has been responsible for many full-service consulting projects, and has expertise in general civil engineering, including water and wastewater infrastructure design, site development, permitting, building renovations, and planning studies. His recent experience includes managing general engineering projects; wastewater projects, including the development of new or rehabilitated sanitary sewer systems; water projects, including designing new water treatment and distribution systems; and environmental permitting for site development and industrial expansion projects. In addition to his work with clients, Brent is the firm's Chief Learning Officer, focusing on learning and knowledge sharing across the firm to foster the development of Woodard & Curran staff and maximize productivity and project performance.

“The projects I get most excited about are ones with a strong public component. It could be developing a new water or wastewater system that helps a community maintain or grow its economic strength, or it could be reinvigorating a community asset like developing a formerly blighted part of the downtown. It is the work to build a community vision and implement the right solution that energizes me.”