J. Greg Booth, PhD

National Practice Leader
In-Situ Remediation

Greg is an expert in in-situ remediation whose career has focused on the development, commercialization and implementation of reactive chemistries for the in-situ destruction of contaminants. He has worked alongside liability owners to provide innovative solutions utilizing combined, synergistic processes to resolve a wide range of soil and groundwater contaminant liabilities at complex sites across the USA and internationally. As In-Situ Remediation Practice Leader, a significant component of Greg’s role includes working with and advising project managers who are navigating soil, groundwater and sediment undertakings, ensuring the remedy delivered is scientifically sound and technically strong.

“We are fortunate to come to work most days and apply ourselves to solving problems that are both challenging and rewarding. As our industry continues to evolve, refined regulations, new tools, emerging contaminants, and increasing complexity will require insights derived from multi-disciplinary teams to ensure optimal remedial design and efficacy. I appreciate working each day with a diverse group of proven, talented professionals that enable thorough, innovative solutions to be delivered to our clients.”