Jim Sturgis

Discipline Leader
Structural Engineering

Jim has over 30 years of structural engineering experience, which includes the design of new building and tank structures, facility reviews for code and safety compliance, modifications to existing structures, condition assessments and evaluations of existing buildings and treatment facilities, various structural and concrete repairs, specialty coatings, and the reinforcement of existing structures. As Discipline Leader for Woodard & Curran’s structural design discipline, he manages a team of engineers who find creative solutions to our clients’ needs across every market we serve. His team delivers purposeful designs that integrate safety, performance, and long-term costs. Supporting work in a wide range of market sectors, both public and private, he applies his expertise to help clients build the infrastructure they need to achieve their goals.

Having worked here for many years, I truly enjoy both the caliber of people I work with every day and the fact that the work we do makes a positive contribution to cleaning up the environment we live in. I am surrounded by intelligent, resourceful, and dynamic colleagues, who make work interesting and each bring unique value to every project. The structural work we do spans a wide variety of areas, industries, and geographies. We apply a practical approach to our designs and try to “build it in our minds as we design it.” We are always striving to find more efficient and cost-effective ways to serve our clients and solve the next problem that comes our way.