Paul Roux

Operations Leader
Operations & Management

Paul, Operations Leader and Senior Principal, has decades of experience managing and operating water treatment facilities. As Operations Leader, Paul is directly responsible for treatment and business decisions for water and wastewater systems throughout the country. Additionally, he works with municipalities and governments to secure funding for capital and technology upgrades while assisting clients to meet regulatory compliance of State and Federal agencies to include treatment, sampling, and staffing. Specifically, Paul specializes in drinking water treatment optimization, interpreting SCADA data, and providing unique solutions in optimizing a facility using the existing operating and capital budgets. He has extensive experience with desalinization and reverse osmosis treatment.   Paul also works closely with clients in developing, managing, and implementing capital improvement plans that include assistance with obtaining outside funding.  

“We have contracts for operations with several treatment facilities nationwide, and it’s essential that we maintain the high standard people in those communities have come to expect from us. Part of what makes what I do so rewarding is that I do my best to ensure everything is managed correctly behind the scenes and get to watch what an impact that makes for the cities and towns we serve. Water is our most important resource, and we get to protect and distribute that resource through our plant operations.”