Tom Stoughton, PhD

Director of Technical Practices
Environmental Services

Tom leads Woodard & Curran’s Compliance Services team. He is a micrometeorologist with expertise in all aspects of air quality work, including permitting, dispersion modeling, control technology analyses, Title V compliance and management, regulatory applicability determinations, strategic dispute resolution, and state and federal applicability determinations. Tom has performed roughly 100 third-party environmental audits, dozens of wind resource assessments, and numerous environmental due diligence reviews. He has published papers on surface layer turbulence theory and model development in international, peer-reviewed journals and has presented on subjects ranging from surface layer physics to regulatory compliance auditing at conferences across the country. 

“I approach Clean Air Act compliance from a somewhat unique technical position as a modeler. Over the years, that perspective has helped me untangle the complexities of the Clean Air Act for the many clients with whom I’ve worked.”