Water Reuse Facility Enables Economic Development

The City of Victorville, CA in the high desert 75 miles from Los Angeles had a vision for a major food and beverage manufacturing center at its Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) industrial park. Unfortunately, the high fees the anchor tenant, a major beverage producer, would have had to pay were certain to be a deal breaker. So the City hired Woodard & Curran to design, facilitate construction, and operate a new 2.5 mgd combined industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment facility that produced reuse-quality reclaimed water.

Designing for multiple wastewater flows

Because the facility would take the high-strength wastewater directly from the beverage plant and sanitary wastewater from the west side of the City and all of the other facilities in the industrial park, Woodard & Curran segregated the flows for initial treatment before combining them to finish the process. The industrial stream is treated in an anaerobic process. The streams are then combined and treated aerobically using membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology before being conveyed to a series of ultraviolet disinfection units to disinfect the treated water to the quality required by California Title 22. The reclaimed water can be used for irrigation and as cooling tower makeup water in a nearby power generation process.

Construction partnership

For this type of project, a design-build approach would have been ideal, but the procurement process precluded that option. To deliver the benefits of that approach, Woodard & Curran used 3D drafting to complete the design and partnered closely with the construction firm, Benham DB, Inc., working as a design-build team in all but name. With fully 3D designs, communication among the team is easier, and many potential construction issues can be avoided in advance. This approach helped keep the project on schedule and budget.

Operations for stability

An advanced facility like this one, with full SCADA and automation in place, requires a stable team of skilled operators. To ensure long-term operations met all stakeholders’ goals and expectations, the City hired Woodard & Curran to run the plant on a 10 year contract. This allowed additional involvement from our team of operators during design, and made for a smooth startup and transition to operations. The facility has consistently produced very high quality reclaimed water with no problems or interruptions.


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