Long-term Compliance Partner for New England Hospital Group

Central Maine Healthcare (CMH) serves thousands of patients across the state of Maine each year, providing a wide range of healthcare related services. CMH began working with Woodard & Curran in 2004 to conduct multimedia environmental compliance audits of the three hospitals that make up the group: Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Bridgton Hospital, and Rumford Hospital. Our EHS team conducted a thorough audit at the three hospitals with the aim of providing each one with a detailed compliance analysis of its operations and facilities, which are regulated by numerous federal and state environmental laws. Upon completion of these audits, Woodard & Curran partnered with CMH to correct deficiencies and develop and implement effective programs.

Woodard & Curran’s partnership with CMH continues to this day. We have helped CMH manage requirements and maintain programs through numerous changes as the system continues to provide critical healthcare services to the communities it serves. Some specific tasks included waste characterizations; Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan, Biomedical Waste Management, Oil SPCC Plan, and Maine Hazardous Matter SPCC Plan development; Tier II reporting; hazardous and universal waste reporting; DOT hazardous materials, hazardous and universal waste, and SPCC training; air permitting; incident response and reporting advising; wastewater discharge permitting and reporting; on-call regulatory support; and conducting routine environmental compliance assessments.

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