Simplifying the Gas Pipeline Permitting Process

Specific permitting and restoration requirements vary among natural gas territories. To assist with permitting coordination efforts in various municipalities, this confidential client partnered with us.

Working with various towns and cities in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we determined the specific regulatory requirements and defined the permitting processes and timelines for each individual jurisdiction within the client’s territory. We established a Permit Process Plan for each municipality, which involved close coordination with each city and town, effectively fostering a strong relationship and working environment for our client while minimizing the time needed to obtain permits.


Our work for the client resulted in the creation of a Permit Requirement Database and Blanket Permits to reduce time in obtaining authorization. With the success of this project, particularly the improvement in overall permit cycle time and communication between the client and involved municipalities, this model now serves as a standard to be utilized in other gas territories.

Confidential Client

Massachusetts & Rhode Island


Areas of Focus

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