Years of Partnership Net a Variety of Benefits

The Village of Larchmont, NY, just under 20 miles Northeast of Manhattan, has partnered with Woodard & Curran to generate solutions to a number of complex engineering issues. We have worked not only to provide reliable and efficient outcomes for the Village, but also to help with funding, permitting, and construction oversight for many projects of varying scope.


Faced with a significant public safety risk and limited available funds, the Village of Larchmont needed a fast-track solution to their deteriorating main water supply conduit. The location of the water main, over both an interstate and railroad, meant that failure of the pipe could have significant public safety hazards. The Village had previously worked with consultants to analyze options for replacing the main, but the projected cost and difficulties in permit coordination were too high to implement any of the proposed solutions. Our team analyzed the previous work and designed an approach where the pipe was rehabilitated using a pipe sliplining technique, minimizing any interruption to service, and saving the village over $1 million.


Faced with aging and inadequate infrastructure at its Byron Place Pump Station, we worked with the Village to rehabilitate the station to meet its current and projected future needs for the next several decades. The existing building needed hazardous materials abatement and weatherproof­ing, and the electrical systems required full replacement, including a service upgrade and a new emergency generator, both of which provided for opera­tions that are more efficient. The station’s hydropneumatic tank was outfitted with a pressure monitoring system, VFD pumps provide maintenance of distribution system pressures, and the new SCADA system was designed to allow for improved data logging and process con­trol.


Flint Park was an underutilized recreational area that had several unfavorable issues associated with it, including limited space for recreation, poor grass turf conditions, and poor drainage. The Village decided to conduct a full redevelopment of the 27-acre park, which involved providing a nature walk along the Long Island Sound, reassessing the original grading plan to avoid net filling in a floodplain, reducing the carbon footprint of that area by increasing green space, and installing porous pavements in the parking lots. This work was awarded for its contributions to the engineering profession with an New York ACEC Engineering Excellence Award, a Westchester Municipal Planning Federation Planning Achievement Award, and the American Sports Builders Association Project Excellence Award.

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