Remembering Our Friend and Colleague, Frank Woodard

Last week we shared sad news of the loss of our friend and co-founder Frank Woodard. Woodard & Curran is a company molded in his persona, and he has left an indelible mark on this firm, and anyone who had the pleasure to work with and learn from him.

An entire generation of University of Maine School of Engineering graduates will tell you that Frank was the best teacher they ever had. Some of those people were then fortunate enough to work with Frank over the course of their careers. There were also so many others, the next generation to learn from him, who worked behind the scenes to assist him as he wrote the preeminent text on industrial waste treatment and who provided research support for Frank’s expert witness testimony. If ever there was a brilliant, entirely credible witness, that was Frank Woodard, whose humility always made him describe himself as just a kid from Bingham, Maine.

To know Frank was to know someone who truly connected with you at your core. He knew who you were and what mattered in your life. He provided plenty of laughs and a lot to reflect on. Frank put everything into who we are, creating a company with clear values and palpable integrity. I am forever shaped by him and am grateful to have worked with him.

Over the last few days, we’ve asked Frank’s friends and colleagues to share their photos and memories. There’s no better way to demonstrate how much of him carries on in this firm’s day-to-day operations than to share them with you.



Douglas McKeown Strategic Advisor & Chair of the Board

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