SCADA Services

Utility managers and operators need to run their facilities as efficiently and effectively as possible. SCADA is a means to that end. We design, install, and maintain SCADA systems that improve plant performance, grow with a facility, and provide long-term stability and cost control. 

Achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness

Too often, SCADA implementations are focused simply on controlling the equipment or process without considering how the whole system operates, the needs of the operators, or the goals of the organization. So when the designer or integrator walks out the door, owners are left with a collection of hardware and software that technically works, but doesn’t actually improve performance, and often makes life difficult for staff. Our approach to SCADA is focused on achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness. We begin with a thorough understanding of our client’s goals and facility and make a concrete and specific plan to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Two paths to the same goals

No matter what level of SCADA a client begins with, we offer a model that delivers the same end results: more efficient and effective operations. Whether starting from scratch, or improving an existing implementation, we thoroughly analyze the existing systems and listen to our clients’ operational needs, then provide a prioritized plan to achieve their goals.

For clients with existing systems, we perform a SCADAReview assessment and develop a list of maintenance projects that can immediately improve performance, and a list of capital projects that can be planned for in future budgets. We then begin to address the maintenance items through our proactive support offering, SCADAServ.

For clients with no controls in place or with extremely limited or antiquated systems, we conduct a SCADACheck review and provide a report that lays out the condition of their current system and the process needed to achieve their goals. This forms the basis of a design and implementation project. Once the system is in place, we offer preventive and proactive SCADAServ maintenance to keep it running optimally.


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SCADA Services