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In-House Hydrogeology Expertise Supports Sound Remedial Solutions

Groundwater flow and chemical transport is a key mechanism for the spread of chemicals of concern at many remediation sites. Effective remedies rely on a clear understanding of the sources of groundwater degradation and associated migration pathways. That’s why we focus our approach on developing hydrogeologic characterization and flow and transport models that produce actionable insight and assist in the selection and implementation of cost-effective groundwater remedies.

Addressing groundwater contamination requires a full understanding of both the conditions of the site and the regulatory frameworks that apply. Our hydrogeologists, water resources engineers, and geologists have the expertise and the in-depth knowledge of regulatory programs to complete all aspects of water resource evaluations, from hydrogeologic investigation through complex modeling assessments. Our hydrogeologists work closely with our remediation engineers to assess, select, and implement remedial solutions based on sound scientific principles and a firm engineering basis.

Actionable groundwater insights

Every site has a unique hydrologic system associated with a groundwater contaminant source, so no single approach will work universally. We apply a variety of analytical and numerical modeling approaches to develop the knowledge required to make decisions. We match the level of effort in model development to the potential benefit of model application at each site that we work on. Using these tools, we can quickly mimic a hydrologic system, predicting chemical migration pathways that can be presented in a variety of outputs, allowing us to quickly assess potential impact to receptors and assist in human health and ecological risk evaluations. The end result enables our clients to quickly and effectively respond to questions from agencies or the public regarding the delineation and potential impacts of site-related chemicals, and to reliably assess and select the appropriate remedy.

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