Strengthening our Communities Through Charitable Giving

A key component of our Corporate Sustainability framework is our community engagement program, committing to providing time and financial assistance to community organizations. As part of that, we continually look for ways to increase our impact through charitable giving – to the Woodard & Curran Foundation and to other organizations supporting our vision. We are excited to further develop our charitable giving program based on the causes our stakeholders see as the most impactful and purposeful.

Increasing our financial support

Our charitable giving program’s mission is to strengthen the communities where we work through the commitment of our time, resources, and financial assistance. We are focused on supporting employees, clients, and our professional community in programs dedicated to four pillars of giving – environment, health and wellness, education, and civic causes.

Since 2016, when we started comprehensively reporting our charitable giving dollars in our annual reporting, we continue to improve accounting processes to ensure transparency and we have seen a marked increase in our total giving – from $68k in 2016 to $254k in 2021. These dollars include charitable giving to organizations throughout the country and our corporate match to the Foundation.

Chart of charitable contributions by year 2016-2021

Providing resources for the Foundation

Aligned around a common set of values, the Woodard & Curran Foundation and Woodard & Curran, Inc. work to advance complementary goals in support of our vision: clean water, safe environment, healthy communities and happy people. The Foundation was born out of creative thinking and dedication of Woodard & Curran employees who wanted to contribute in a meaningful way to a sustainable future and further our vision of exemplary corporate citizenship.

To advance the Foundation’s mission, Woodard & Curran employees donate and volunteer and the company contributes financial resources in the form of a match. In 2020, we met our goal to match 100 percent of employee contributions to the Foundation – up from $17,000 in 2012 to a commitment of over $111,000 for 2021. And besides employing a part-time contractor to handle administration, communication, and donor and grant recipient relations, much of the Foundation’s work continues to be conducted by our employee volunteers. Over 40 of our employees spend time volunteering on a committee or on the Foundation Board.

Aligned with the Foundation’s philosophy to give away as much money as possible each year, we’ll continue to provide time, resources and financial support.

Looking forward

Over the next year, as part of our company’s forward-looking strategy to continually expand our sustainability solutions and commitments, we’ll be reevaluating our strategies and goals. This will include reaffirming our community engagement and charitable giving program and commitments.

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