Do Engineers Need a Graduate Degree?

When young engineers think about their future, they often come face to face with the “graduate school” question—will I eventually need a graduate degree to advance my career? The short answer is no, not necessarily.  Our engineers at Woodard & Curran have a vast background of academic and practical experience. We have found that there is no "right" path for engineers to be successful and that a diverse mix of skillsets and backgrounds can improve our firm’s creativity & innovation.

No matter what background our engineers have, once they join our firm the learning never stops. Woodard & Curran is committed to supporting the people who make our company successful and a huge part of this mission is to support career development. So that means with us, your career will always keep advancing.
"At Woodard & Curran, career development is synonymous with personal development. We have always believed that helping our people to expand their capabilities positions them for greater opportunities and more options within the firm. The greater the opportunities, the happier our people are, and happy employees serve our clients best." - Doug McKeown, CEO 

We asked a couple of our employees to share their academic background and how it has shaped their career as an engineer.  




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