Wastewater Treatment

With the cost and complexity of treating wastewater increasing, communities and industry face mounting regulatory hurdles, financial constraints, and public pressure to protect the environment. Our engineers and experts understand what works in a huge range of contexts, and quickly see through difficult problems to find answers for our clients. We know how to achieve the results our clients need to meet their regulatory obligations, protect the environment, and provide an essential service to their communities.

Maintaining & improving municipal infrastructure

Helping communities meet the increasing challenges of maintaining aging infrastructure and meeting strict regulatory requirements is what our engineers do every day. From planning, to wet weather issues, to collection and pumping, treatment, and residuals management, we have the knowledge, skills, and perspective to help our clients make smart, proactive decisions. We don’t assume we have the answer before the project starts, and base our work on the needs and goals of each individual client. And once a decision is made, we integrate expertise in planning, design, operations, and funding and financing to create the best possible outcome.

Controlling wastewater costs to create competitive advantage

In an economy where every small improvement in efficiency is a crucial competitive edge, controlling the cost of wastewater treatment and disposal can be that edge. Our engineers have decades of industrial manufacturing process experience combined with in-depth knowledge of advanced treatment processes and environmental regulations. We work closely with our clients to assess compliance issues, determine the right technologies, and develop designs that keep business considerations in proper focus.

Working to find every advantage for our clients, we apply creativity and discipline to the entire design and implementation process. From traditional design-bid-build to fast and flexible design/build contracting, we mold our approach to the needs of each project, using a delivery method that offers the most control over cost, schedule, and quality. And we work aggressively to avoid surprises through clear, consistent communication.


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Industrial Wastewater
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