The Woodard & Curran Foundation

The Woodard & Curran Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, exists to take our vision of exemplary corporate citizenship further by allowing the Foundation to grow and invest financial resources in an endowment and make significant investments and contributions to charitable organizations aligned with the firm's and Foundation's values regarding protection of the environment. 

The Woodard & Curran Foundation is a primary conduit to advance a strategy of strong corporate social responsibility. Aligned around a common set of values, each organization understands that its work, reputation, and actions reflect on the other and pledges to work in the best interest of the other while advancing different yet complementary goals.

A Common Vision for Exemplary Corporate Citizenship

Both the firm and the Foundation share a common vision for consummate corporate citizenship and making a difference locally and globally. The two organizations work together in achieving a vision that advances solutions to environmental problems and encourages environmental stewardship through innovation, education and strengthening communities. 

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