The Impact of Our Charitable Giving

In our 2017 inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, Doug McKeown stated “Our people are passionate about making a difference in our communities. Our purpose is protecting the environment.” Quite simply stated, we are committed to living by these words. Community engagement is at our core and, as part of that, we continually look for ways to increase our impact through charitable giving.

Growing our impact

Our charitable giving program’s mission is to strengthen the communities where we work through the commitment of our time, resources, and financial assistance. We are focused on supporting employees, clients, and our professional community in programs dedicated to four pillars of giving – environment, health and wellness, education, and civic causes.

Since we started comprehensively reporting our charitable giving dollars in our CSR reports, we continue to improve accounting processes to ensure transparency. Since then, we have seen a 155 percent increase in our total giving. We are excited to grow and further develop our charitable giving program based on the causes our stakeholders see as the most impactful and purposeful.

Partnering for progress

Our employees’ collaboration organizations within the communities we live and work has been a long-standing tradition. Here are just a few examples of that work and the impact we made through the company and employee contributions:

  • Commitment to Social Justice:  After the killing of George Floyd and subsequent national response, Woodard & Curran employees rallied behind three social justice organizations. The company matched employee donations dollar-for-dollar for a combined total of $50,000 in support to these organizations doing incredible work.
  • Water for People: Our employees in California organized a virtual Water for People World Water Classic 6/60K, recruiting colleagues to join in across the country. A total of 30 employees joined in, raising more than $500 to provide improved water and sanitation worldwide, while also creating awareness of the impact access to water has on women and girls. We shared our adventures that connected colleagues from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans, over bridges, and through beautiful canyons. Every year, our Thanksgiving e-card supports Water for People, among other organizations, generating $60,000 in charitable giving since 2015.
  • Gwinnett Regional Science, Engineering + Innovation Fair: Over the past few years, some employees out of Atlanta collaborated with the Gwinnett Regional Science, Engineering & Innovation Fair, offering company sponsorships and participating as judges for middle and high school science projects. Watch the 2021 Science Fair winners’ reactions in this award presentation video and witness the impact STEM education has on these young students who may become the next generation of scientists and engineers.


Alyson Watson Chief Executive Officer & Chair of the Board

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