ESG and Sustainability Reporting Video Series

Our sustainability and climate change experts discuss trends and best practices in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting in this four-part video series.

First, Matt Jones, CCM, SCR explains the recent shift in reporting from Corporate Social Responsibility to ESG. He is followed by Rick Love with a brief history of ESG reporting frameworks, an overview of the most-used standards in the industry, and some foundational best practices for optimizing your organization’s ESG program. Next Kelley Begin discusses Environmental Justice considerations and offers organizations an easy first step in the right direction. Finally, Matt returns with some closing thoughts on driving continual improvement in your organization’s ESG program, and a few simple and powerful tips for keeping up engagement and momentum.

Get in touch with our sustainability and climate change team for assistance optimizing your organization’s ESG program.


Mary House Director of Practices Environment

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