Infrastructure & Environmental Support for Healthcare, Research & Higher Education

Colleges, universities, and healthcare institutions are dynamic organizations that rely in intricate systems of physical infrastructure to meet the needs of their communities. They also deal with a host of safety and environmental regulations. To thrive, they must do many things well. Woodard & Curran helps clients in higher education and healthcare build strong, sustainable infrastructure and environmental programs that serve both their business needs and the communities that make them so vibrant.

Building the infrastructure and facilities to compete

A college campus is like a town, with the facilities and utility systems to support the activities of the students, faculty, and staff who live and work there. Academic buildings, housing, laboratories, athletic facilities—maintaining this diversity of activity requires well-managed physical infrastructure. Whether we are helping maintain water and wastewater systems, developing brand new academic buildings, creating more efficient energy facilities, or improving recreational facilities, we integrate the project with the rhythm of campus schedules to avoid disrupting campus life. We help create a campus that attracts the best students, provides exceptional opportunities, and can be sustainably managed to thrive in the long run.

Environmental protection and sustainability

The environmental, health, and safety programs at hospitals, research institutions, and colleges and universities protect the lives and livelihood of hundreds or thousands of people. From hazardous waste management to laboratory ventilation, air emissions, fuel storage, and much more, it can be hard to manage all the requirements. We have helped hundreds of institutions create, implement, and run effective EHS programs, either starting from scratch at a brand new facility or building on an ongoing program. With so much experience in directly comparable settings, we can quickly get to the heart of the matter, saving time, money, and effort. And we know how to go beyond simple compliance to foster strong sustainability initiatives that drive real environmental improvement.


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