Our Internship Program is Heating Up

Every summer, Woodard & Curran welcomes interns from across the country into our offices and facilities to get hands on experience and learn about career opportunities. This year, we have more than 30 learning-focused interns embedded in our environment and water practices, working closely with experts on projects in the public and private sectors. Most of our interns are at various points in their undergraduate studies, working toward degrees centered on engineering or science, and occasionally we have some interns in our corporate departments. Regardless of the role, these paid internships provide students with experience in a variety of settings – the office, on project sites, in treatment facilities, and interacting with clients – and opportunity to work on active projects.

As the summer wraps, interns are asked to prepare a 10-to-15-minute presentation focused on their individual experience, including the assignments they got the most out of and how their experience will inform their career path. This presentation also provides an opportunity for the intern to give us feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve and grow our intern program.

Environmental Engineering Students Take on Butte

This summer, three rising seniors from Montana Technological University Benjamin Schreiber, Gavin Rahl, and Ravyn Goodwin, and one rising sophomore from Montana State University, Adam Williams, are working with our environmental remediation engineers in Butte, Montana.

“I have learned about some of processes it takes to test and remediate soil,” said Goodwin. “This opportunity has further encouraged my plans to enter the environmental field and I learned that I really enjoy field work, so hope to continue my career outside of an office setting.”

“My goal from this internship was to gain work experience in a real-world environment,” said Schreiber, who has been learning how to interact with the public in a professional manner, the importance of safety on the job, and how fun it is to be digging in the dirt.

Rahl was also excited to get experience in the field, not just an office setting. He said, “this opportunity has made me want to explore more fieldwork opportunities in different environmental sectors.”

“During my internship, I have been interacting with and educating the public about soil sampling and the remediation process,” said Williams. “The experience has reinforced my decision to study environmental engineering and I’m going full steam ahead in this field.”

All four interns agreed that digging in the dirt and building camaraderie with coworkers in the field has been a fun experience. Williams said he’s had a blast working out in the field with his new colleagues and Goodwin agrees, “The people have been my favorite part of this experience.”


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Environmental Engineering Interns


Why Intern at Woodard & Curran?

“Woodard & Curran is a company that feels apart of the community it resides in,” said Williams, adding that we also are one of the few companies that offer opportunities for freshmen in the environmental field. The community feel is what also drew Goodwin to our intern program. She said, “It is close to home, and I wanted to learn what is happening with remediation in my hometown.”

Rahl, who also grew up in Montana, was excited about being able to spend time outside and work on a project within his home state. He added, “when first interviewing, I felt a sense of team spirit, which created a personal connection.”

It was during a career fair at Montana Technical University that Schreiber learned about internship opportunities at Woodard & Curran. He said, “I saw this internship as a good opportunity to learn more about the industry and to get my foot in the door for the future.”

It is these reasons and more that draw interns across the country to our program, which is marking the largest class of interns in our 44 years of business this summer, according to Senior Recruiter Sheri Avoux, who spearheads our internship program and focuses on young professionals. As our intern program has evolved and grown, one thing remains true – we strive to provide a memorable experience that will help our interns make informed decisions about their career.

“We have developed a program that provides some amazing opportunities for interns, such as applying their theoretical knowledge in the real world, developing their skills, and enhancing their resume,” said Avoux. “We want every intern to get a sense of what it is truly like to work for Woodard & Curran. Providing a welcoming environment and involving our interns in employee resource groups, office fun activities, community outreach events, and sustainability efforts proves to be such a benefit to the overall experience.”

Our internship program is also mutually beneficial. Avoux said, “Interns may not realize this, but they bring so much to our company in just one summer with their new and innovative bright ideas, support for our employees on project work, client relationship building, and fostering leadership skills for our current employees as managers and mentors.”

Our goal is that our internships help college graduates find full-time positions in the industry. In fact, we have several long-term employees who began their careers as interns at Woodard & Curran.

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